MaGIC Academy : Intro to AngularJS


Event Details

MaGIC in collaboration with JomWeb is conducting a workshop on AngularJS. The workshop will be fully on-hands. During the workshop, the participants will be coding up a simple todo list in AngularJS. The template that will be used is, which is simple enough to do in a few hours, but complex enough to demonstrate the potential of AngularJS. The participants will be demonstrated how to do CRUD actions on their data and bind the data to the DOM. The participants will be shown how to save the data inside the browser's localstorage first then switch over to that provides realtime data storage.

Key Takeaways

After completing the workshop, participants will:

- Introduction to front-end framework (AngularJS)

- AngularJS data binding

- Creating a single page apps that covers CRUD methods

- Saving data locally on the browser

- Realtime data storage in the cloud

- Synchronize data in real-time with

Pre - Requisite & Planning

  • Participants to pre-install sublime text
  • A registration a
  • Some sort of Webserver (be it apache, nginx or just php -S will do). This will enable angular to fetch remote data via AJAX and save on local storage.
  • Participants must already have working knowledge of jQuery & javascript.
  • To ensure participants benefit the most from this workshop, please ensure you are able understand the content and can complete the following online tutorial before attending. See . It should not take more than 3 hours of your time
Useful References (and recommended readings)
9.30 am : Registration
10.00 am : Brief comparison of JS/JQuery/Angular vs other JS frameworks.
10.30 am : Let's do our todo
1.00 pm : Lunch break (will be provided)
2.00 pm : Persisting data with localstorage and firebase
4.00 pm : Tea Break (will be provided)
4.15 pm : Q & A
5.00 pm : End

About the Speaker

Zulfa Juniadi Zulkifli is a fullstack developer professionally for 8 years. He has been developing countless projects. On the backend he does PHP on Laravel, Codeigniter or Slim. For the front end , he does AngularJS and BackboneJS. He is very active in the Jomweb Group where he contributes his time, effort and knowledge . Zulfa works full-time at Sands Consulting Sdn Bhd, spend most of his time coding, but also make time to mentor peers and offering consultation to customers.


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