2015/03/26(木) 19:30 開催
東京都 大門

iJAWS #6 @GDI Communications



日 時: 2015/03/26(木) 19:30 〜 21:00
会 場: GDI Communications Tokyo office
住 所: Loge Aoyama #301, 1-4-5 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
定員数: 11人/定員15人
申込先: Doorkeeper


Hello iJAWS members!

We are so happy to announce of hosting the 6th iJAWS meet up.
We are planning to have more disucssion and Q&A session with 4-6 volunteers to join the discussion and 5 to 10 people as an audience to make it self-driven by AWS users.
If you want to join the discussion as a volunteer, please let us know.
Audience will be more than welcome to join, of course!

To invite new non-native and native English speakers especially…

  • who are not familiar with AWS but want to learn AWS in English
  • who are familiar with AWS and want a chance to communicate in English
  • who are familiar with AWS and want to make a presentation in English

Time table
19:30-19:40 Introduction
19:40-20:20 Discussion, Q&A Time
20:20-20:30 Closing
20:30-20:50 Free chat

Topics to be discusssed

When you arrive the entrance, please call #301.

Last not but least, let's enjoy craft beer (one or two cans for each) after the session!
We look forward to seeing you there!

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