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Creative Dance Xpression – Poetry in Motion
Strengthen your kids’ literacy (Chinese) through creative dance moves! Kids will explore dance movements while learning about Chinese poetry, songs and rhymes. It builds up their artistic expression, creativity, enhances motor skills and allows them to appreciate the Chinese culture better.

Electricity Science Exploration

Its “Squishy Circuit” Time! Did you know that play dough can be used to create electric circuits? Come and learn through inquiry in this hands-on science experiment! Children will have fun exploring ‘Electric Play Dough’ and how it can be used as a conductor for electricity. Nobleland is proud to be selected to be a mentor for ECDA’s Science Centre Collaboration Project ‘Electric Corner’.

The Apple and the Butterfly Chinese Hui Ben

苹果熟了,红红的,挂在树上。一只毛虫从苹果里面爬出来,顺着丝,垂落到树枝上,结茧,化成了美丽的蝴蝶。蝴蝶展开翅膀,飞啊飞……亲爱的小朋友,你的脑海中有没有浮现出一幅幅美丽的画面?想了解毛虫化茧为蝶的精彩过程和苹果树的花粉传递、果实孕育自然历程吗? 想要在精彩的绘本故事中趣味学华文吗? 那还犹豫什么,快来报名参加我们的课程吧。你会发现苹果里有颗小星星的秘密, 并会制作属于自己的独一无二的蝴蝶! 我们等你哦。


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