英語コーダー教室 2




English for Opensource developers

Everybody knows english in Japan. Its being taught in Japanese Schools from early on. And yet the Japanese Open-Source community is concluded and seemingly isolated by their limited interaction with foreign developers.



  • 自分のプロジェクトを広めたいですか?
  • 日本語のドキュメンテーションがないのはめんどくさいですか?
  • 見つけた問題点をオープンソースプロジェクトに伝えるのが難しいですか?
  • だれががあなたに伝えてくれたバグについて英語で返事するのが無理ですか?
  • コミュニティメンバーのだれかとのつながりたいですか?



For whom?

This class is for people that want to become a better english communicator and to improve the exchange with international developers.

  • Are you trying to spread the word about a project on the internet?
  • Does the missing Japanese documentation bother you?
  • Is it hard for you to send an issue on your beloved open-source tool?
  • Did someone tell you about a bug and you don't know how to answer?
  • Do you want to connect to someone from the open-source community?

Then the class should be just right.

The english that you learned in school is enough to be able to join the class. The people that join usually have different language levels so I will try to adjust the difficulty based on the people in the group.




About Me

Hello! My name is Martin Heidegger. I am 29 years old.
I am not a native speaker. Much like you, I also studied english from Junior Highschool. My mother-tongue is german. I come from the country-side of Austria where everybody has a strong dialect. When I finished my education my english was not any better than what I commonly hear in Japan.
The exchange with the international Open-Source community has helped me and my english skills a lot. Not just in regards to reading and writing but also with my speaking skills. These days I can communicate my thoughts fluently in english and I thought that maybe I can share some lessons with you!


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