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Snapchat is an amazing social sharing platform that is used by millions of users the world over. Though, it comes with certain limitations as well. For instance, you can’t save snaps sent by your friends without sending a notification. If you want to know how to save a Snapchat video(free Snapchat Geofilters) someone set you without getting caught, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will let you know 5 different ways to teach you how to save(snapchat video download a video on Snapchat.
If you have an iPhone, then you can simply use dr.fone iOS Screen Recorder. It is a secure and reliable way to record your screen(snapchat score booster activity without violating Snapchat’s terms and conditions. The tool is compatible with every major iOS version (including iOS 10.3) and runs on Windows systems. You can also use it to mirror your device to a bigger screen as well.
Top 5 Best Apps To Save Snapchat Photos/Videos/Stories On iOS/Android
1. SnapBox: This is hands down the best iOS app to download Snapchat photos and videos. With SnapBox, all your Snapchat photos and videos are saved permanently forever. Whenever you receive a snap, open SnapBox and login with your Snapchat user id and password and all your snaps are saved.