Demo Day - Code Chrysalis Cohort 5 (第5期生の卒業!)


Come on over to Code Chrysalis and see our fifth cohort present their graduation projects! コードクリサリスの学生たちが作ったアプリをぜひ見に来てください!

12 weeks, too many apps, 7 students. Come hear our students talk about all the different projects that they have done!

  • Come meet your future CTO.
  • Come hire one of our graduates, before someone else does.
  • Come see what it's like at Code Chrysalis and where we can take you in only three months.
  • Come celebrate the awesome accomplishments of our software engineers!


19:00--Student Introductions(学生紹介) Read about them here:

19:10-19:20--Solo Pitches(個人プロジェクト) Broamp - Music Player for Bros [Tsubasa] Hack Butterfly - Distributed Coding Bootcamp [Michael]

19:20-19:40--Group Pitches (チームプロジェクト) Space Explorer - Interested in space? This app has everything you need, with information on space-related events nearby and cool data from satellites! [Tsubasa, Kimiko, Tsuyoshi, Hiro] Ohayou Daily - All you need to start your day off right, at a glance (weather, news, love forecasts and more!) [Nour, Dustin, Michael]

19:40-20:15--Senior Projects (シニアプロジェクト) • Zenni - Crowd-sourced Disaster Mapping [Kimiko, Tsubasa, Dustin] • Habbit - Habit-building app [Michael, Nour, Hiro, Tsuyoshi]

20:15-20:30--General Q&A To see what we're all about, check out our YouTube page:

Code Chrysalis is a 12-week advanced software engineering immersive. We focus on not just modern full-stack web application skills, but also autonomy, communication, and empathy. Visit us at

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