Affective Computing and AI - Special guest from NY


Digital assistance like Siri, Amazon Alexa and robots like Softbank's Pepper have become ubiquitous within the past few years.

However, these agents still lack the capability to truly succeed in understanding to better interact with humans as they do not possess the ability to understand human emotions and provide an approrpriate response in return.

The field of affective computing aims to teach computers how to recognize, understand, respond, and even generate emotions.

In this seminar, we introduce some of the past, present, and future research of affective computing, in particular human affect recognition along with the major challenges that are currently being tackled.

In particular, we present some bodies of works that have been done and are currently on going, such as:

  • Facial Emotion Detection
  • Emotion Recognition at the Salon - AI Smart Mirror
  • Body Language Emotion Detection
  • Representation Learning of Human Emotions

Speaker: Yuya Jeremy Ong
Penn State University / NDL Founder / IBM Research



Fee : Free

Time Table

18:30 Entrance Open @Team AI Base
19:00 Opening by Daisuke & Seminar by Yuya
19:40 Q&A

20:00 Beer Party at OL Brewing Tokyo

(Entrance Free, Drink as cash on delivery from 600JPY)
21:00 End Party


Host : Daisuke Ishii (Founder of Jenio Inc. & Team AI)

Kyoto U / Itochu Corp / Enigmo Inc. / Team AI

======================================================= ホスト:石井大輔
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Admission : This is Free event


主催;機械学習研究会コミュニティ Team AI (株式会社ジェニオ)

100万人を目指す機械学習の研究会コミュニティTeam AI。



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