Cookpad Tech Kitchen #21 Show-and-Tell



About Tech Kitchen

We invite you to Cookpad Tech Kitchen to hear about Cookpad's recent developments in technology, in the Cookpad Office Kitchen.

This time, the Smart Kitchen Team, the Media Product Globalization Team and the Research and Development Team from Cookpad Japan and Cookpad Global HQ in Bristol, UK will present their latest achievements.


2019-03-21 (Thursday)

  • 12:30 Doors open
  • 13:15 ~ 13:45 Tokyo R&D demonstration: Alexa and the Cookpad App
  • 13:50 ~ 14:20 UK R&D demonstration: Hands-free Cookpad
  • 14:25 ~ 14:55 Cookpad Mart demonstration: Mart security
  • 15:00 ~ 15:45 BREAK for light snacks and drinks
  • 15:45 ~ 16:15 MPG demonstration: Record your own cooking video
  • 16:20 ~ 16:50 Smart Kitchen demonstration: Kitchen of the future
  • 17:00 ~ 18:00 Networking time

How to find us

The Cookpad Office is on the 12th floor of the Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 10 minute walk from Ebisu station.

クックパッド株式会社 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-3 恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー12F


  • Please bring your business card (meishi), since we'll be collecting them at the entrance.
  • Attendance will be selected via lottery by March 19th.
  • It's okay to attend only the presentations you're most interested in.
  • If there are many attendees, we may ask you to stand during the presentation.
  • We will be serving light snacks and soft drinks during the break.
  • Please don't come only for food and drinks! The talks will be fun too!
  • No need to bring laptops.
  • If you can't make it, please cancel, so others can join the event.

Speaker Bios

Tomoya Hirano (Smart Kitchen)

Tom Hirano is a lead engineer in Smart Kitchen Department. His specialization has been back-end systems, but currently, he's keen to learn IoT and hardware development. Twitter & Github: @tomoya55

Christopher Trott (Media Product Globalization)

Chris Trott works on the Cookpad Studio iOS app in Tokyo's Media Product Globalization department. He likes making music and movies, and likes to tie those interests into developing for iOS. Twitter & GitHub: @twocentstudios

David Fox (Media Product Globalization)

David Fox is an iOS engineer on Cookpad TV's MPG department working on an application with a strong focus on video recording and editing. Originally from Northern Ireland, he likes bonsai trees, video games and craft beers. Twitter: @wowitzdave Github: @davefoxy

Leonard Chin (Media Product Globalization)

Leonard Chin is engineer & manager of the Media Product Globalization department in Cookpad's Tokyo office. When not messing around with a computer, he likes to go climbing and hiking. Github: @l15n, Twitter: @lchin

Saurabh Bhadada (Tokyo R&D)

Wannabe Chef. Solves (text+image)-related problems at Tokyo R&D as side quest . Have a master's degree in Mathematics. Still underage to Drink in Delhi . Github: @saurabhbhadada

Yoshiaki Yamada (Tokyo R&D)

Yoshiaki Yamada works on the smart speaker's application in the Tokyo R&D department. He likes to make meal prep on the weekend. Twitter: @y_am_a_da GitHub: ysak-y

Mikhail Fain (Global R&D)

Misha is an experienced researcher at Cookpad Global R&D with a murky past of working on HR and Advertising products at Amazon. He enjoys cooking, digging into math formulas and cross-country skiing. So if you see a person standing on skis in the middle of the road under the scorching English sun, reading a book and carrying a grocery bag, that’s him.

Ryan Fox (Global R&D)

Ryan from Cookpad Global R&D is a father of two with previous experience working in and building research teams within Defence, Aerospace and National Security. His hobbies include cooking, climbing, board games and patiently waiting to lead the robot uprising.

Hiromitsu Shinohara (Shopping Platform Department)

Hiromitsu Shinohara works on Shopping Platform Department that run e-commerce called "cookpad mart". He develop Android App and IoT devices. Twitter & Github: @shanonim

Shinsuke Imai (Cookpad Mart)

Shinsuke Imai is a server side engineer of cookpad mart which is a new fresh food EC service. He develops an efficient distribution system without delivery centers. Twitter: @imashin_ GitHub: shinsukeimai

Leszek Rybicki (Tokyo R&D)

Leszek Rybicki works on image-related technologies at the Tokyo R&D department. He got through university with a second-hand Apple iBook G3 running Linux. Twitter: @lunardog, Github: lunardog.


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