macOS native meet-up #03


macOS native meet-up is the meet-up event after macOS native symposium #03.

The aim of the event is to come to know macOS developers who are hard to meet in the real world (comparing with the iOS developers ;P) and to exchange ideas about macOS dev. This meet-up is just a gathering to chat about macOS dev and drink/eat good food together in a restaurant. If you want to hear the presentation part, register also to macOS native symposium #03.

Who are welcome

  • Everyone who develops (or is interested in developing) applications for macOS.

Although this event is a spin-off of macOS native symposium and try! Swift, attending them is not required for this meet-up. Likewise, developers who still use Objective-C or UI designers who don't write code are also welcome.

The most important thing is the passion for macOS application development.


English / Japanese

The organizer is Japanese but also speaks (non-fluent) English.


Share the expenses what we ordered.

Where and when?

The meet-up will be held on 24th Sunday, the day after the workshop of try! Swift Tokyo 2019, at a cafe restaurant Glorious Chain Café SHIBUYA which located near Shibuya station. The meet-up will start at six o'clock pm; The table is reserved under the name "macOS meet-up".

Who is the organizer

The organizer, 1024jp, is a person who loves native macOS apps, and develops macOS apps, such as CotEditor and Gapplin, in private time. Fluent in Swift, Objective-C, AppleScript, and Python, but also draws graphic parts for the user interface. This year, 1024jp will be the first speaker of try! Swift Tokyo 2019.

macOS native meet-up #03 は、macOS native symposium #03 の懇親会パートです.

このイベントの目的は、(iOS開発者に比べ)人口の少ないmacOS開発者が互いに知り合い親睦を深めることです。単純に飲食店で話をしながら飲み食いをする企画で、発表パートはmacOS native symposium #03に分かれています。


  • macOSアプリケーションを開発している(もしくは開発に興味がある)人誰でも

macOS native symposiumとtry! Swiftのスピンオフ企画ではありますが、このmeet-up自体はそれらへの参加は条件ではありません。同様に、macOS開発に関わっていれば、Objective-Cで開発をしている人やコードを書かないUIデザイナーも歓迎します。



英語 / 日本語





try! Swift Tokyo 2019 workshop翌日の3月25日(日)に、渋谷のカフェレストランGlorious Chain Café SHIBUYAで行います。会は18時に始まりす。"macOS meet-up"で予約が入っています。


このmeet-upの企画立案者である1024jpはmacOSをこよなく愛し、CotEditorGapplinなどのmacOSのアプリケーションを趣味で開発してる人間です。SwiftのほかObjective-C, AppleScript, Pythonなどを書きますが、同様にUI画像も描いたりしてます。今年はtry! Swift Tokyo 2019で最初の登壇者として話します。


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