JAWS-UG沖縄 10th Anniversary Party



JAWS-UG沖縄 10th Anniversary Party!!

(English below.)


というわけで、この日をお祝いすべく"10th Anniversary Party"を開催したいと思います。







TimeTable Min Speaker Title
13:00- 25min @k_nishijima あれから10年、これから10年(仮)
5min ちょっとCoffee break
13:30- 45min 亀田さん いま最も熱いAWSアップデート
14:15- 5min 糸数さん 弊社のAWS活用事例(仮)
5min @okeee0315 私とJAWS-UG沖縄(仮)
5min 渥美さん 私とJAWS-UG沖縄(仮)
14:30- 15min Coffee break
14:45- 45min @328__ and Rafael Security workshop and case study
15:30- 5min 金春さん 大阪の会社がJAWS-UGで得た沖縄との熱い縁
5min Who?
5min 喜多羅さん 手土産はチキンラーメン(仮)
15:45- 15min Coffee break
16:00- 15min @shumach217 ビーチパーティーがしたいんじゃ
15min @uranariz 私のキャリアとコミュニティ
15min 沼口さん コミュニティ担当がみた地域支部の課題と期待
16:45- 15min @asumaslv Closing
17:00- 60min Party time (オンライン飲み:自由参加) オリオンビールを片手にどうぞ^^


  • JAWS-UG沖縄を愛するすべての方々
  • 沖縄の人々とボイスチャットをしたくてたまらない方々
  • LT資料を作ったものの、披露できる場がことごとく無くなってしまったかた

As few of you may remember, September 26, 2011 was the date of the first meeting of JAWS-UG Okinawa. Therefore, this September 26th will be our 10th anniversary.
(Although we haven't been able to do anything in the last two years due to the hateful COVID-19)

So, to celebrate this day, we would like to hold a "10th Anniversary Party".

If you are planning to participate in the party, please be aware that typhoons are very common during this time of year, so there is a possibility that the party may lose all the hosts and guests due to power outages.

In that case, please proceed loosely with only those who can maintain a connection!


We've set up a server on Discord, so please join us there (no one will be there, but there may be someone there for testing from time to time).
You can also join by just using your browser.

Who should attend

  • All people who love JAWS-UG Okinawa
  • People who really want to have a voice chat with people in Okinawa
  • People who have created LT materials but have lost all opportunities to present them


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