Taiwan Startup Meetup #Tokyo2016

2016/05/15(日)12:00 〜 15:00 開催
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Taiwan Startup Meetup #Tokyo2016

概要 (Background of the Event)  

(English follows Japanese)

今年、8社の台湾スタートアップがアジアのスタートアップの盛会であるスラッシュアジアの登場で来日します。それらを組織した台湾スタートアップスタジアム(Taiwan Startup Stadium, TSS)は、スラッシュアジアのイベント後、日台スタートアップ間の親交を深めるため、初回のTaiwan Startup Meetupを開催します。




Eight Nominated tech startups from Taiwan will be attending Slush Asia this year, led by Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), the international startup hub in downtown Taipei backed by the National Development Council (NDC). We will be holding a meetup in Shibuya to make new friends and find out more about Taiwan startups entering the Japan market. 

During the meetup, you will have a chance to hear all 8 teams share their ideas and products as well as from Anita Huang, Captain of TSS, on Taiwan's growing startup ecosystem. Additional, special guest Sean Qiao from VC firm Infinity Venture Partners will join us to share the latest on the Japan startup scene. We will also to get hear a special talk on Startup recruiting in Japan from Sayo Otsuka who is responsible for business development at Wantedly Inc. 

We welcome our friends with startup experience/tech background, investors or anyone who is interested in knowing more about international Taiwan startups and/or the Taiwan market. 

Please join us on May 15th ! 

タイムスケジュール (Schedule) 

時間  アジェンダ
11:45 -  受付開始 (Reception) 
12:15 - 12:20 
12:20 - 12:40
Keynote: 『台湾スタートアップの現状 』 (Q&Aを含みます)
Startup Overview in Taiwan 
   アニータ・ファン (Anita Huang), CEO of Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) 
12:40 - 13:20

  Lightning Talk: 台湾スタートアップによるピッチ (8社 x 5分) 

   Taiwan Startup Pitch (8 startups x 5min per startup) 

  Docceo, MoBagel, TurnMeOn, Panobike+, SkyREC, UXTesting, Vectr Labs, REDIdea

13:20 - 13:40
   Japan Market Trend and Entry Strategy  
   ショーン・チャオ (Sean Qiao), Investment Associate of Infinity Venture Partners 
13:40 - 14:00 
   Keynote: 『日本の人材市場と人材採用(Q&Aを含みます)
   Talent Market and Recruiting in Japan for startups (including 5min of Q&A) 
   大塚 早葉 (Sayo Otsuka), Business Development, Wantedly 
14:00 - 15:00 
懇親会 (軽食・飲み物を用意しております) 
Networking (Light food and soft drinks provided)
参加者全員 All Participants
15:00 -    終了 (Closing) 

持ち物 (What to Prepare) 

参加費 2000 円 (当日現金支払い) (Entry Fee: 2000yen, cash only and paid at reception)

名刺 2 枚 (Please bring 2 business cards for reception)

パートナー (Partners)