Cookpad Ruby Hack Challenge #2


About the Cookpad Ruby Hack Challenge

Hack the Ruby interpreter at Cookpad!

The Programming language Ruby is widely used on web application development. Of course, programs written in Ruby run on Ruby interpreter.

Cookpad Ruby Hack Challenge (RHC) is a one-day event where we'll teach you how to extend Ruby features, fix bugs, and to improve performance of Ruby.

The first Ruby Hack Challenge was a great success, but it was offered only in Japanese. This time, the Ruby Hack Challenge will be offered in English (English lecture materials and English announcements) as well as Japanese.

Lecture materials: (currently being translating into English!)

Note that we offer support for English at the event (English lecture materials, announcements and English hacking supports) but we don't restrict our support to English. Japanese language users are also welcome. (in Japanese: イベント自体は英語で行いますが、日本語話者も歓迎します)

One more note: Koichi and another supporter Endoh-san are not native English speakers.


This event held over 1 day.

You can choose several options what you want to do.

  • (1) Read the lecture materials at the event and try hacks along with texts.
  • (2) Read the lecture materials in advance, and ask us if you have any questions.
  • (3) Read the lecture materials in advance, and try advanced hacking with our support.

Unlike the first RHC, for RHC#2 we don't offer any lessons. We only offer lecture materials and assistants to support attendees.

Recommended for people

  • who wants to hack Ruby interpreter.
  • who can write Ruby programs and has an interest in how they work
  • who wants to know what language developers are thinking about.
  • who wants to try difficult programming.


  • You can attend the whole day
  • You bring your own laptop which is capable of building Ruby interpreters.

Goal with lecture materials

  • You can understand Ruby's source code structures.
  • You can build the Ruby interpreter.
  • You can modify Ruby interpreter internals.

Goal with advanced hacks

  • You can solve unsolved problems.
  • You can experience contributing to the Ruby interpreter.
  • You can experience participation in the Ruby development community.


Note: Schedule may change at our discretion

Before the event

Note: attendance is limited, so attendees may be selected via lottery.

  • 12/25 Application Deadline
  • 12/27 Announcement of attendee selection
  • Communication with Gitter (if you want).

1/29 (Mon)

  • 10:00 Opening
  • 10:30 Hack: start
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Hack: continue
  • 18:00 Closing
  • 18:30 After party / networking

Communication channel

Feel free to join gitter channel: (English) and (in Japanese, past RHC attendees are there)

Note in Japanese language

Ruby Hack Challenge を英語イベントにして1日開催します。 日本語の資料も用意してあるので(前回の RHC で作成)、英語話者に混じって参加したい、という方がいらっしゃいましたらぜひご参加ください。なお、日本語でのイベントもまた後日(2月ごろ?)開催する予定です。


※ こちらのイベント情報は、外部サイトから取得した情報を掲載しています。
※ 掲載タイミングや更新頻度によっては、情報提供元ページの内容と差異が発生しますので予めご了承ください。
※ 最新情報の確認や参加申込手続き、イベントに関するお問い合わせ等は情報提供元ページにてお願いします。


ZEF Meetup vol.1

東京都千代田区神田須田町2-9-5  柴田第一ビル2F

20:00 〜23:00

2月 27 THU