Introduction to Programming・Javascript入門【未経験者歓迎】



Description: Do you want to start coding? Not sure where to start? Learn the basics with this workshop! What are the different data types in Javascript? Why is that important? How do we even look into them to begin with?

What will you learn? - Basic data types - Operators and expressions - Functions

This will be followed by a Q&A on how to take your next steps as a developer. Not only will you have the chance to talk with professionals, we'll also be recommending resources for new software developers.

Join this workshop to learn the basics of Javascript and take your first step toward being a developer!

Who is this for?: Total beginners who want to learn how to code :)

What do you need?: 1. Your own laptop 2. VS Code Installed ( 3. Google Chrome Installed (

See you then!


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