Pre-RubyKaigi Welcome party


If you are

  • RubyKaigi speaker
  • RubyKaigi attendee from foreign country
  • Contributor for Ruby

and you can not register because of capacity, please contact us (see left pane).

At the Ruby Tuesday right before RubyKaigi 2014, we, Asakusa.rb are having pre-RubyKaigi welcome party especially for the visitors from outside of Tokyo.
Party! :tada: :sake: :sushi: :beers: :cake:

  • Reception
    The reception will be at B1F entrance. Please be sure to come by 20:00 (8PM).
    Cerulean Tower has strict entrance policy, so we won't be able to let you in if you come late.

  • Price:

    • Guests from abroad: Free
    • Residents in Japan: approx. 2,000 JPY
  • Place: GMO Pepabo, Inc.

  • Sponsor

  • Schedule

    • 19:00 Door open (start setting)
    • 19:30 Start
    • 22:00 Closing


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