Lean Startup Skills Series: Interviewing Customers Like a Boss


One of the key concepts in Lean Startup is GOOBing or Getting Out of the Building. It's easy to understand - you can learn nothing by staying within the building doing your business plan so get out to learn from the customers.

We all know we are to do it, but the reality is that it's easy to screw up interviewing customers and hard to do right. This Lean Startup Skills Series organised by Intuit and The Testing Ground provides you with the key principles and insights to helping you interview customers so you get the truth out of them.

What you will learn:

  • Preparation steps to making your interviews super effective
  • What important questions to ask so the customers tell you the truth no matter what
  • The Testing Ground's SPEAKUP model to guide you in your interview process
  • Post-interview steps to gain the most from your interview
You won't just sit down and learn, you will get the opportunity to practice what you learnt through hands on exercises with feedback from the mentors.

Join us if:

  • You have attended a Lean Startup event and want to deepen your customer interviewing skills.
  • You have read Lean Startup books but want to learn from the practical experience of the people at The Testing Ground about customer interviewing.
  • You are a startup who is facing hurdles with carrying out your customer interviews.
We will be providing light refreshments

Who is the Speaker?

Bryan Long is the founder of The Testing Ground and the President of the Association of Lean Startups which organises the Singapore Lean Startup Circle.

After his scholarship bond with the Singapore Government ended, he went into working on his business ideas. His first startup was a spectacular failure that cost him a huge sum. He did everything that his MBA, Engineering and Law education taught him but it turned out they weren't suitable for start-ups and his startup failed.

After that experience, he was determined to find a less risky method of starting new businesses. He chanced upon the Lean Startup methodology and was converted to it. He then used it to test out an idea which turned out to have no customer traction in Singapore. Because of doing things the Lean Startup way, Bryan averted the costs he wasted if he had done things like his first startup.

He is now a fervent evangelist of Lean Startup. He has mentored at the Singapore Lean Startup Machine and the Singapore Startup Leadership Programme. He also recently ran Startup Dynamo for Start-up@Singapore. He has spoken about Lean Startup in Malaysia, Indonesia,Philippines and Vietnam. He is also working on his own startup. He has an Engineering degree, an MBA and a Law degree.

Who is Intuit?
Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Our flagship product QuickBooks is the backbone of Intuit's small business product ecosystem, offering a portfolio of products and services that go beyond accounting. After two decades, our revenue tops $3 billion, we're publicly traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and recognized as America's most-admired software company.

Who is The Testing Ground?
The Testing Ground is a co-testing facility that brings startups that are just beginning to test out their ideas first for a strong signal from the customer before committing more time and resources. We provide venue, programme, mentors and resources to get startups quickly through the customer validation process. We are like a co-working space except that we focus absolutely on helping you test your startup.


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