OWASP Night in YOKOHAMA, the 16th

2015/02/17(火)19:15 〜 21:00 開催


We are planning to have a regular meeting, OWASP Night 16th at 7:15pm, on Feb 17th at YOKOHAMA area.

OWASP Meeting/Night – The OWASP Japan Local Chapter Meeting (OWASP Night will be at night) is held in the form of seminars and lightning talks. It’s an opportunity for people interested in web security to get together and exchange information and opinions in a casual and fun environment. There are no requirements in terms of skills, profession, nationality, gender or age. Anyone interested in web security is free to participate.

Topics of this meeting will be...
*Jerry Hoff will have the talk titled: Web Security Boot Camp (will be provided in English only)

Please take a look at OWASP Japan wiki page to see the program.


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