Wakame Users Group #008



An introduction to nftables

In English by Tomofumi Hayashi. @s1061123

"Nftables" is the new Linux network filtering framework introduced into the linux mainline kernel last year. Currently iptables is widely used for not only filtering packets but also for "hacking" packets, such as re-marking and NAT/NAPT. "Nftables" is currently still in development and aims to replace iptables.

In this presentation Hayashi-san will:

  • Introduce nftables and list some differences from iptables.
  • Describe nftables software architecture.
  • Show nftables' filtering syntax.
  • Show nftables' internals briefly.

Wakame-vdc LiveDVD hands-on

In Japanese by Osamu Habuka. Blog. @habuka036

Wakame-vdc LiveDVD home page (in Japanese)

This hands-on workshop will cover:

  • Environment setup.
  • All-in-one setup with DHCP.
  • All-in-one setup without DHCP.
  • Setup on multiple hosts.
  • The LiveDVD build process.

Wakame-vdc LiveDVD system requirements:

  • It will run on any laptop with a DVD drive.
  • It is confirmed to be working on KVM and VirtualBox virtual machines. VMWare will probably work as well but is unconfirmed.


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