Smarter Solutions for a Smarter Nation


The entire electronics industry is undergoing a transition to smarter solutions. The drivers behind this change are connected to many aspects of system design including efficiency, productivity, security, quality, and cost.

Xilinx and partners is leading the industry to usher in the trend of smarter solutions, focused on providing hardware and software-programmable devices and a complete portfolio of SmartCORE IP and system-level expertise to help the rapid design and implementation of smarter solutions.

Join us in this event to learn about using innovative hardware platforms for:
- High tech camera surveillance with situational awareness, analytics, robotics control, crowd detection and tracking.
- Enhancing experiences in Virtual Reality (VR)
- Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in applications
- Internet of Things Offerings (IoT)


1.30pm – 1:45pm:
Smart Nation Innovation – Building intelligent devices for Smart Solutions
Today, sensor systems primarily collect data and communicate it back to an expensive central processing system for analysis and decision making. With an ever increasing demand for data communications, bandwidth and throughput will also be a concern in system development.

Learn how you can use Programmable SoCs to add intelligence into devices and sensors, value-add with realtime processing and intelligent data extraction, to reduce congestion in communications, and achieve a cost-effective system.

1.45pm – 3:30pm:
Smarter Solutions with Zynq Programmable SOCs - Overview, Applications and Use cases
This segment will introduce and demonstrate the advantages that Zynq All Programmable SoC brings to sensor systems, enabling smarter devices that fuse multiple sensors technologies together, perform local analysis and enabling intelligent decision making. Learn about the following applications of Zynq:

360 degrees Panoramic View for Camera/Sensors
Panoramic view camera platforms add an additional level of intelligence to sensors systems today with wider angle of view, providing users with better coverage and enable effective decision making. Learn how you can use Zynq technology in vehicle tracking, robotics control, crowd detection and tracking. Applications can be expand to Drones controls and Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

Adding Smarter Vision to your product
Learn how an embedded video system with high resolution image sensor can help you to add intelligence and address challenges in managing, analyzing and extracting value/knowledge from data. These can be used in areas such as Advanced Driver Assist, UAV imaging, surveillance, robotics control and machine vision.

Building Blocks for Enhancing User Interfaces
With the sheer volume, complexity and intensity of today’s data, the presentation of data to users is key. Learn how hardware-based graphics accelerators can be used for improved performance, high resolution and smooth rendering. These can be used in Video walls, control panels, and interactive user interfaces.

Smart Gateways for Internet of Things
Learn how to use the Zynq Programmable SOC to design an IoT Gateway for effective data collection and analysis, as well as facilitate the connection of IoT devices to servers.

3.30pm – 4.00pm – Tea Break & Demo Showcase

4.00pm – 4.30pm – Freescale’s Internet of Things Offerings and Xtrinsic Sensors

Freescale’s Internet of Things Offerings and Wearable Reference Solution, WaRP

Wearable technology, a key driver of the IoT, is prevalent in the consumer, entertainment, sports and fitness markets. Wearable devices must be small, very low powered to enable long battery life and able to seamlessly connect to a hub or gateway device for access to the internet or cloud. Freescale offers the market's broadest and best-enabled portfolio of solutions ideal for designing into wearable products.

Learn about Freescale's WaRP for quick and easy wearable device development.

Sensor Solutions for the IoT
Freescale’s Xtrinsic sensing solutions offer increased levels of modular integration combined with multiple sensor inputs, logic and other building blocks to bring greater value and decision making to the overall sensing solution. Learn how it can be used for applications such as: Wearable devices, Smart Watches, Sensor Network, Home Automation Control, IoT Gateway and Smart Devices.

4.30pm – 5.00pm – Kinetis ARM Cortex MCUs Product
The Kinetis ultra-low power L series frees power-critical designs from 8- and 16-bit MCU limitations by combining excellent dynamic and stop currents with superior processing performance, a broad selection of on-chip flash memory densities and extensive analog, connectivity and HMI peripheral options. Most suitable for handheld in application: Wearables devices, Smart Watches, etc

5pm onwards – More networking and Demos


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