MaGIC Academy : Basics of Analytics for Startups & Intro to SQL


About the speaker:

John Lee

John Lee is the Business Analytics lead for the Banking and Credit Cards verticals at NerdWallet, a leading personal finance startup in the US. Based in NerdWallet's San Francisco headquarters, he is responsible for everything numbers-related, from growth/revenue forecasting to conversion optimization and A/B testing for the Banking and Credit Cards verticals. Previously, he worked in several roles in the Mobile Banking and Credit Cards departments at Capital One, the 9th-largest bank in the US.

Event Details:

Any internet business has a powerful asset: data about its customers. This session will cover the basics of how to extract value out of your data: how to mine it for actionable insights that you can use to grow your user base, better monetise your existing users, or improve your user experience. You'll learn how to use tools like Microsoft Excel and basic SQL to scan your data for meaningful trends and insights. We'll also talk about the basics of business intelligence for startups: what metrics you should be tracking, how to set up business reporting, and how to manage or warehouse your data.

Agenda :
  • 6.00pm - Registration and light dinner is served.
  • 6.30pm - Talk starts
  • 7.30pm - Break
  • 7.45pm - Talk resumes

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to use data to monitor the health and performance of your business
  2. How to obtain actionable marketing/product & design insights from data
  3. What are the analytical tools of the trade (SQL, Excel, data warehousing, etc.) and when to use each of them
Useful References (and Recommended Readings) :


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