Kickstart Startup Mixer: LEARN!

2014/04/30(水)19:00 〜 23:00 開催


"The Cloud is a great place to invent.”

Startups are always exploring ways to leverage and monetize digital media, services, and social networking. Exploring new models and services can be an expensive proposition just to discover that an idea may or may not work.

You may have also wondered:
(i) What is the cloud doing exactly for startups today?
(ii) What are the 2014 trends coming out of Silicon Valley that could provide the seed for startups in the idea phase now?
(iii) How does the local environment differ to Silicon Valley e.g. funding, demographics, infrastructure, payment systems?

Then come to the Kickstart Startup Mixer: LEARN!


Dr. Werner Vogels
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer,

Dr. Werner Vogels is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at where he is responsible for driving the company's technology vision, which is to continuously enhance the innovation on behalf of Amazon's customers at a global scale.

Prior to joining Amazon, he worked as a researcher at Cornell University where he was a principal investigator in several research projects that target the scalability and robustness of mission-critical enterprise computing systems. He has held positions of VP of Technology and CTO in companies that handled the transition of academic technology into industry.


6:00PM-7:30PM, Guests arrive. Mixer begins.
7:30PM-7:40PM, Welcome Remarks
7:40PM-8:00PM, Amazon Interactive Opening
8:00PM-8:20PM, Amazon Talk by Dr. Werner Vogels, VP and CTO
8:20PM-8:45PM, Q&A with Dr. Werner Vogels (Btw, we welcome questions for Dr. Vogels submitted to us in advance! Just send to
8:45PM-onwards, Mixer resumes.

So come over, listen, learn, and participate. And as ever, make friends, swap stories, and have a drink and pizza with us!

The Kickstart Team


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