LE PITCH #5 - France and Japan Robotics: what opportunities for collaboration?

2015/12/03(木)15:00 〜 17:00 開催


What is the current state of the French Robotics Industry?

What are the existing French-Japanese collaborations?

Japan has long been known for being one of the world’s leading Robotics industries, delivering fully integrated automation solutions with its state-of-the-art Industrial and Service Robots.

On the other hand, while the French Robotics market has known a late blooming, France has also been famous for its research teams, especially competitive in the field of service robots and human-machine interfaces all around the world.

Is there room for collaboration? If so, what kind?

In the light of the recent inauguration of the French-Japanese Innovation year, we will have guests sharing their views about this collaboration.

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session. After that networking


Robin Rivaton

Economist, author of “How to relaunch the French industry through Robotics” (See below) Will animate this event
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“How to relaunch the French industry through Robotics”1
“How to relaunch the French industry through Robotics” 2

Frédérique MACAREZ

Deputy-Mayor, Economic Development Agency of Saint-Quentin
Saint-Quentin Web Site(French)

Severine Rengnet Represented by Sylvain Bilhaud

Mobility and Systems Project manager, MADEELI
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Madeeli web site

Sébastien Cagnon

Head of Technical Support Japan at Aldebaran (Softbank Group)
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Xavier Basset

Founder of Hoomano
Hoomano web site
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