2016/11/18(金) 19:00 開催
東京都 東銀座

Functional Programming in Tokyo w. F# 談話室


日 時: 2016/11/18(金) 19:00 〜 21:00
会 場: ドワンゴセミナールーム(松竹スクエア13F)
住 所: 東京都中央区築地1丁目13−1 ADK松竹スクエア
定員数: 申込 24人/定員 100人
申込先: connpass


Functional Programming is a modern way to the future : Swift, React, Haskell, F#, Scala are all based on the same underlying principles of Functional Programming and making great progress.

We are so delighted that we could invite the distinguished experts Tomas Petricek and Evelina to have talks in Japan !

We will solve real life problems, building applications, using the power of functional programming

Celebrating New Year's Eve with Suave and D3

You would expect that the largest number of "Happy New Year" tweets would in every part of the world would appear around the midnight of December 31. But can we nicely visualize the live stream of tweets and see the tweets live as the old year comes to its end?

I'll talk about a project I did for New Year's Eve 2015-2016 that does exactly this! It uses Twitter's streaming API to get a live feed of tweets, Bing maps and MapQuest to geolocate users without GPS coordinates and Suave with WebSockets to feed the data into a D3 map displayed in the browser.

You'll learn about writing scalable web servers using Suave, reactive event handling with agent-based architecture and how F# type providers, once again, saved the day!

Beginners, advanced programmers, all are welcome !

Please make sure to register in advance !

Place and time

The event is held in Tokyo thanks to Dwango Co., Ltd. on the 18th November from 19:00


Please follow our speakers


A hands on workshop is organized from the next day of this event. This workshop improves your skill. Please check this event also.

Fsharp Bootcamp Tokyo 2016 with Tomas Petricek

( Spoken language : English )

From the 19th November to the 20th November 2016

(Description in Japanese)

F#談話室 : .NET Framework用の関数型言語F#について話したりする会です。 特に目的は限定していないゆるい集まりです。 お気軽にご参加ください。

F#をこれから学んでみたいという方も、F#を日々使いこなしている方も 是非参加していただければと思います。




時間 イベント
19:00-21:00 FP talk by Tomas Petricek and lightning talk by Evelina Gavasova


  • 地下鉄各線東銀座駅5番出口から地上にあがって、橋を渡ったところにあるビルです。
  • 正面入口から入り奥にあるエレベーターで13Fまであがってください。


無線LANと電源はありますが、電源は床埋込み式で Macのアダプタが刺さりません 。 電源タップをご持参ください。


  • 喫煙室はありません
  • 貴重品は各自で管理してください
  • 会場は飲食可能です
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