UX Talk: Designing for the LGBTQ Community

2018/08/02(木)19:30 〜 21:30 開催



We are super excited to welcome Chelsea Hostetter in her first talk & workshop for the Code Chrysalis community. No technical background is necessary---this is a great talk for anyone interested in UX/UI design.


  • 7:00pm - Doors Open / 開場・受付開始
  • 7:30pm - Introductions / 紹介
  • 7:40pm - "Designing for the LGBTQ Community" /「LGBTQと性同一性:設計の影響」 by Chelsea Hostetter
  • 8:20pm - Q&A
  • 8:45pm - Networking / ネットワーキング


We as designers and developers fret over the small details. How will this be implemented? How can we make this easy to use? In these small details and assumptions is where one of the largest failures in technology for nonbinary and transgender individuals comes. Attend this interactive workshop to learn how to recognize your own limitations and to design and develop better for those in the LGBTQ community.


Chelsea Hostetter is a Senior User Experience Designer currently working at Goodpatch, Inc. in Tokyo. She has been designing since 2013, and has worked for clients such as Capital One, Samsung and FedEx. She has researched the LGBTQ community in Texas and is planning on doing another round in Tokyo. She hopes that her work will help bridge empathy gaps between tech and the queer community.

LGBTQと性同一性:設計の影響 デザイナーとプログラマーとして、細かいことが気になります。「どう実装すればいいのか?」それとも、「どういうふうに使いやすくしましょうか?」しかし、その細かいことと仮説のおかげで、LGBTQのコミュニティーに関して技術の多くの失敗があります。自分のバイアスとプログラミングとデザインの能力を磨くために、このインタラクティブなワークショップに参加しましょう!

グッドパッチのシニアUXデザイナーのホステタ・チェルシーと申します!5年間で、デザインに働いてて、そしてfrog designから来ました。テキサスでLGBTQのコミュニティーを10ヶ月でリサーチして、東京で、このリサーチを続きたいと思います。リサーチを使って、ITのコミュニティーを影響したいと思います。よろしくお願いします!

ABOUT CODE CHRYSALIS Code Chrysalis is a 12-week, full-time advanced coding bootcamp located in the heart of Tokyo


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