GPU-Accelerated Data Analytics



We are excited to be doing a collaboration with MapD on using GPUs!

MapD's open source GPU database and Immerse visualization platform leverages the massive parallelism and memory bandwidth of multiple GPUs to execute SQL queries and render complex visualizations with billions of rows in milliseconds. Participants will get to experience firsthand the power of GPUs with instantaneous interaction.

GPUs have massive parallelism (orders of magnitude more cores), massive memory bandwidth, and their performance continues to accelerate, outpacing the growth of data even. These benefits make GPUs a perfect match for data analytics and visualization.

If you plan to follow along with a laptop, please do this before the workshop:

Sign up for the 14 day trial at

In this workshop, participants will be given access to a MapD instance, and instructions on the following:

  • How to install and setup the MapD platform in the cloud, or on prem.
  • How to import a geospatial dataset, either one of our samples or one of your own.
  • How to create dashboards with geospatial charts in MapD Immerse.
  • How to create multi-layer maps, combining data from multiple sources.
  • How to update dashboards and share them.

Speaker Information

Aaron Williams, VP of Global Community

Twitter: ​

Aaron is responsible for MapD’s developer, user and open source communities. He comes to MapD with more than two decades of previous success building ecosystems around some of software’s most familiar platforms. Most recently he ran the global community for Mesosphere, including leading the launch and growth of DC/OS as an open source project. Prior to that he led the Java Community Process at Sun Microsystems, and ecosystem programs at SAP. Aaron has also served as the founding CEO of two startups in the entertainment space. Aaron has an MS in Computer Science and BS in Computer Engineering from
Case Western Reserve University.

Company Bio

MapD is the extreme analytics platform, used in business and government to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. The MapD platform delivers zero-latency querying and visual exploration of big data, dramatically accelerating operational analytics; data science; and geospatial analytics. Originating from research at MIT, MapD is a technology breakthrough, harnessing the massive parallel computing of GPUs for data analytics. MapD Technologies Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, and the platform is available globally via open source and enterprise license options.

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