NuCypher Workshop 2019 in Tokyo (1/19 and 1/26)


NuCypher Workshop in Tokyo!!

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■NuCypher website:

You may already know NuCypher is another great Blockchain project providing services to protect privacy on Blockchain such as KMS (Decentralized Key Management Service) for public Blockchain. Privacy on Blockchain is one of the hot topics in this space recently. Their Co-founder Michael Egorov gave a speech about "Keeping private data encrypted and uncensorable in decentralized applications" at Node Tokyo Conference in November, 2018.

■Workshop Out Line - Date:2019.1.19, 1.26 (Saturday 2 days workshop)

  • Time:10am-12pm

  • Schedule: This workshop is provided by video lecture by NuCypher.

  • Venue:BEENOS株式会社 東京都品川区北品川4-7-35御殿山トラストタワー6F

  • Please come to 6th floor, not 7th.

  • Target:Blockchain developers preffered. But people who are interested in this fields are also welcome.

  • Participants:30people

  • Fee:Free(Transportation, Stay are on each individuals)

  • Copyright:All the copyright will be belong to the participants

  • Streaming:Planning to do online streaming

■Contact Feel free ask any questions.

Email : BlockRabbit:


NuCypher Little Monster Inc: BlockRabbit: BEENOS株式会社


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