Blockchain and Proof of Work: Free Seminar

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Blockchain and Proof of Work


Blockchains like Bitcoin are often said to be secured by proof of work, but what exactly does that mean?

First, we will examine proof of work itself: what is it, how do you use it, and how is it measured. Then we will look at how and why blockchains like Bitcoin make use of Proof of Work.

This class is designed to introduce existing developers to the core technology behind blockchains, without any hand-waving, hype, or marketing jargon.

This talk is an excerpt from Code Chrysalis' upcoming master class Blockchain Fundamentals. You can find out more about that here:


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14:00〜15:00 Blockchain!



Dylan Tran

Code Chrysalis・Software Engineer

Dylan was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Orange County, California. He was previously a software engineer at Walmart Labs and most recently, at where he led front-end development on the cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Anyone interested in blockchain.