Nix Remote Meetup


edit: This event page is no longer being used. Please use the new event page.

Nix Remote Meetup

Nix Remote is a meetup for people interested in Nix and NixOS. Nix Remote provides a time to hack on anything in the Nix ecosystem, as well as talk to and learn from like-minded people! Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to advanced users.

This is a remote meetup, conducted entirely over Skype and Slack. Participants will decide on what they want to hack on in advance, and then focus on that during the event.

Potential Project Ideas

Everyone should join the meetup with an idea of something they want to work on. Here are some ideas if you can't think of something:

  • For beginners, try to install NixOS in a VM and edit /etc/nixos/configuration.nix.
  • For beginners, work through the Nix Pills and write a derivation for a small shell script.
  • Create a new derivation for a piece of software not currently in nixpkgs and send a PR.
  • Add documentation to the various Nix manuals.
  • Create a NixOS module for easily configuring and running a daemon to use in your job.
  • Hack on nix itself.
  • Write a blog post about how to configure something in NixOS.
  • Review some outstanding PRs in the nixpkgs repo!

Self Introduction

After everyone has joined the Skype call, we will go around and have everyone introduce themselves. You'll be asked to share the following things:

  • What is your interest in Nix/NixOS?
  • Are you using Nix/NixOS professionally?
  • What do you plan to work on during the meetup?


If you work at a company that uses Nix/NixOS and is currently looking for developers, you can have a few minutes to talk about the position and invite other participants to apply. (Although it probably only makes sense if your company allows fully remote workers.)

This will be done after the self introduction.

Hacking and Talking

After the self introduction and hiring pitches, everyone will start hacking on the projects they decided to work on. This time is completely free, so things like general nix chat, impromptu lightening talks, etc are encouraged.

In practice, I imagine this meetup will be about 25% general chit-chat, 25% helping beginner/intermediate users with questions, %25 impromptu presentations, and 25% quiet hacking.

Closing Reports

About 30 minutes before we end, I'll ask if anyone wants to share what they worked on during the meetup. You're free to share what you've accomplished during the meetup (or really anything you want).

Slack and Skype

We will conduct this meetup entirely over Skype and Slack. Be sure to fill out the survey when joining this event that asks for your Skype username. This is so I can invite you to the group call when the event starts.

There is also a slack group that can be used to easily share code and links. You can join with the following link:

join slack group

If I don't send you message over Skype when the event starts, message me on Slack with your Skype username.

Speaking on Skype will work best if you have a microphone and headset (instead of using your laptop's built-in speakers).

Currently, this event is limited to only a few participants to test how Skype works for holding a remote meetup. Please only join the event here on connpass if you are sure you will be able to participate. (Although feel free to join the Slack even if you can't participate in this event.) If you join the event but later find out the schedule doesn't work for you, please cancel here on connpass as soon as possible so that someone on the waiting list can take your place.

If this event sounds interesting to you but the time doesn't work out, please feel free to leave a message on the Slack. Maybe the next event can be scheduled to work for people in a different time zone.

Leaving Early

Feel free to leave early if the time works out to be too late for you.




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