MiniConf #5 -- テクノロジーに関わるトピックを15分ずつの無料なセミナー Product Mgmt 101, NATS, Marketing AI, K-means Clusters, Migration

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We are back with the popular MiniConfs! 大好評イベントが帰ってきます!


MiniConf is a series of 15 minute Lightning Talks that explore current topics in tech. We are excited to have 5 amazing speakers joining us-- check the content below and RSVP right away!

The event is free to join.


19:00 - Doors Open + Networking

19:30 - Intro (Sharp start!)

19:35 - 21:10 Lightning Talks
1) Product Management 101
2) Introduction to NATS
3) Utilizing AI within the Marketing Industry
4) Introduction to K-means Clustering
5) Migration Strategies

21:15 - Mingling & networking

21:45 - END


1) Product Management 101 -- Chiarng Lin, Product Manager (Developer Platform and Ecosystem) at Adobe

Have you ever wondered, "Why do we need a product manager?" Or had questions on how product managers differ from project managers, program managers, or even product owners? In 15 minutes, Chiarng will cover a high level overview on where product as a discipline comes from, how it has evolved over the years, and share best practices. Chiarng has +6 years of PM experience from San Francisco.

2) Introduction to NATS -- Brian de Heus, CTO at Adgorithmics

NATS is a messaging system for building distributed applications.
The talk will be interesting for attendees who want to have an alternative to for example Redis PubSub, Kafka or RabbitMQ. Brian will share his case experiences using NATS. Altogether he has lived and worked in Japan for 8 years.

3) Utilizing AI within the Marketing Industry -- Rahmat Hidayat, Technical Lead at TBWA/Hakuhodo

The era of big data and AI has transformed the Marketing Industry, but what does it mean? This topic will deconstruct it by focusing on 4 key components of Marketing: optimization, segmentation, targeting, and experience. Rahmat has worked in the digital space for over 10 years across 4 countries, and led global high-profile projects combining creativity and technology.

4) Introduction to K-means Clustering -- Takahiro Morita, Technical Solutions Engineer at MightyHive

Takahiro's talk will introduce k-means clustering (a well-used method in machine learning) through a short demo and real-life use cases. The talk suits well for machine learning beginners, and other people interested clustering methods. After graduating from Code Chrysalis Immersive program, Takahiro has gone on to achieve an international career at the SF startup MightyHive.

5) Migration Strategies -- Thinh Pham, Lead Developer at Zehitomo

The technology you are using today might be outdated in the next few years. The team you are working with today could quickly grow bigger, and the current tools might not adapt to that. That's why having a solid migration strategy is important. Thinh will share his experiences in creating migration plans and strategies, which will save time and money later. He is also the Founder of Coders.Tokyo, a free coding community targeted for Vietnamese.




19:00 - 入場時間+ネットワーキング時間
19:30 - イベント開始+紹介
19:35 - ライトニングトーク
1) Product Management 101・プロダクトマネジメント入門
2) Introduction to NATS・NATS入門
3) Utilizing AI within the Marketing Industry・マーケティング業界で用いるAI
4) Introduction to K-means Clustering・k平均法入門
5) Migration Strategies・データマイグレーション戦略
21:15 - ネットワーキング
21:45 - 終了



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