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//! rustup rust meetup.
//! A meetup to deref each other about reading Rust ;)

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Deref\.rs ー Deref Rust


Thu May 16 19:20:00 JST 2019 (- 20:55)

What we do

Read an article, book or paper alone/together about Rust for fun, and share just what you learn. That't it. You are very welcome also to make something. Please show off what you make ;)



version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2018"

address = "Roppongi 6-10-1 (Roppongi Hills West Walk 6F)"
website = ""

If attendees are more than 4 before 2 days the day, organizer is going to try to book a meeting room. But normally, we have the meetup in general cafe space.

We don't have any restriction for this place, but please order somehting to drink/eat because it's normal cafe ;)

Learing Rust

Just read something what you want to, e.g. articles posted on feeds about Rust.


% cargo build
    Compiling our references v.0.0.1 (
error: cannot read all references if you are alone!

Books and feeds:

- first borrow ends here



Just focus on something about Rust for fun. (We talk in English or Japanese)


Time We do
19:20 Gather around
19:30 Self-introduction
19:35 Reading (coding) Time
20:20 Pause
20:25 Presentation (if you want)
20:55 Finishing up

We'll have at least 45 minutes for the reading (writing). But talking while the time also very welcome. Please feel free asking each other. In another half (30 min.), share what you learn/read.

You can do anything about Rust, but please make sure:

  • Tell others what you do (on your topic in Zulip chat)
  • Deref (share) what you learned after that
  • Post a note (It's optional, a snippets on's or your blog etc.)


You'll be invited for a group on Zulip and GitLab\.com.


On reading-logs channel (in Zulip), we'll have topics by attendees. Feel free to post anything on your/other's topic while the meetup.

Reading Logs

A project on GitLab\.com (under the Reading Logs Group), will be made for every meetup. If you want to make a note on there, you can use sinnpets.


  • Please tell your delay or accidentaly cancellation to an organizer
  • Any sales promotion is not allowed (please don't)
  • We'll take an action if you do something bad, especially for other users

Code of Conduct

We do this meetup along Rust's Code of Conduct (as a reference). And we hope that all enjoy this meetup, but if you have a problem or find something kind of violation, please share it to the organizer (Yasuhiro Яша Asaka) at anytime.



This notice is published under the MIT License and it's a document for Deref\.rs.

Reading logs and notes by attendees, are belong to them.
Copyright (c) 2019
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