Want to build a successful career with DevOps?

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Intellipaat is an e-learning and professional certification company for software developers, IT administrators, and other professionals, headquartered in Bangalore, India. The training is offered in three major modes: Online instructor Led Training, Self-paced e-learning training, and Corporate training.

DevOps certification training in Bangalore will help you learn DevOps and master various aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automating build, test and deployment. In this DevOps training course in Bangalore, you will learn DevOps tools like Git, Puppet, Jenkins, Chef, SVN, ClearCase, Maven, Ant, Docker, Ansible, Nagios and more. Get the best online DevOps training in Bangalore from DevOps certified mentors.

Learning from DevOps certification course:-

  1. Introduction, concepts and importance of DevOps
  2. Installation, configuration and deployment of infrastructure servers
  3. Working with DevOps tools like Nagios, Puppet, Ansible and Chef
  4. DevOps life cycle and automated systems
  5. Server management with Infrastructure as a Code
  6. Concepts of containerization and virtualization
  7. Deploying the right security infrastructure
  8. Monitoring performance and key success metrics in DevOps

Who should take up this course

  • IT Developers and IT Operations Personnel
  • Software Automation, Testing and Security Professionals
  • DevOps Consultants and other Stakeholders

DevOps Training in Hebbal will make you master DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Puppet, etc. Enroll now to get into a high-paying DevOps career!