WebHack#33 Write your own Golang Linter



If you believe building relationships with people who are in the same industry helps you know yourself and achieve what you couldn't do alone, this month's event is for you!

This month, WebHack enables a better online meetup experience: you can select virtual tables to have deep face-to-face chats with people at the same table in the networking session!

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  • Join on PC (not on mobile phones)
  • Use Chrome browser (not Safari or Firefox)
  • Start at 19:30 in Tokyo time (GMT+9)

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Linters are tools that help to improve code readability, consistency, and maintainability by catching code smell and anti-patterns. Some linters can even work like testing. Different projects require different types of check. Some are general, and some are specific. Since we work so hard to be lazy, why not customize one for yourself?


Adler Hsieh is a backend engineer at Merpay, Inc. When there is no pandemic, he loves to go out and enjoy the sun. Now he stays at home all the time and tries very hard not to annoy his neighbors while playing some music. Everyone stays safe!

Speaker Highlights;

  • Leading development of multiple Ruby on Rails & Golang projects. Experience in designing system architecture, integrating apps, and building workflows.
  • Technical leadership with agile methodology, manage across mobile, frontend, DevOps, QA, and design members.
  • Establish, manage & troubleshoot CI/CD flow with Kubernetes-based ecosystems.
  • Active in learning and participating in developers’ community, which includes:
  • RubyConf 2015 Taiwan Speaker
  • RubyConf 2016 Taiwan Ligntning Talk Speaker
  • Ruby on Rails Oceania Sydney (rorosyd) Meetup July 2017 Speaker
  • Active learning and sharing on blog
  • Contributor of Crystal Programming Language
  • Contributor of Goby Programming Language


Time Session
19:30 - 19:40 Opening
19:45 - 20:10 Talk
20:10 - 20:30 Q & A
20:30 - 21:00 Networking
21:00 Good night!


This event will be live streamed, and the link will be sent to attendees three days before. Ensure to register in order to receive the link, please.


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