2013/11/29(金) 18:30 開催

GLC: Feminine Spirit in Global Leadership


日 時 2013/11/29(金) 18:30 〜 22:00
会 場 Wesley Center
住 所 6-10-11 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku,Tokyo 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山6-10-11 107-0062 Japan
定員数 申込 26人/定員 44人
申込先 Doorkeeper


Global Leadership Cafe (GLC)

We are excited to invite you to our 2nd Global Leadership Café on “Feminine Spirit in Global Leadership!"

We live in a time when new and important questions are needed to be asked in order to stimulate new ways of thinking to solve the complex problems of the day.

Join a diverse community of executives, HR professionals, MBA students, artists and others, as we discuss these questions in service of feminine leadership.

Sponsored by Global Leadership Partners Asia. To learn more about how GLPA is evolving 21st Century leadership, visit:

To learn more about the World Cafe approach to access group intelligence, visit:

The “Feminine Leadership” Cafe follows our July event exploring Japan's unique contribution to global leadership. Many people reported leaving that event feeling uplifted and inspired, with new insights on how Japanese can contribute to leadership.

You can find a short video documenting the GLC I event here:

This first event was organized by a diverse team of eight co-organizers from five countries. It went a long way towards creating a community of motivated people seeking to progress leadership and make positive changes in the world.

We expect that the “Feminine Leadership” Cafe will be equally successful. We won’t focus on women and leadership exclusively but more on the feminine aspects that both men and women share. We aim to explore how those aspects are reflected (or not) in leadership. And more generally, we want to ask, “what can the feminine contribute to global leadership?”

We hope that as a result of this event people will feel inspired to engage in dialogue about how embracing feminine leadership can contribute to one’s work environment and an organization’s productivity. We hope people will be inspired to think in new and creative ways about how to develop new leadership opportunities in Japan.

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