Level Up Your Decision-Making


How do people make decisions? When do they (or you) feel more flow, donate or buy more, appreciate or care more?

Knowing that, how do you design the environment in which people make decisions? Whether product or team process or your daily life, what tools can you use?

Join Angela Ognev, Chief Happiness Officer of YCombinator-backed website builder Strikingly.com and Co-Founder of design community TheOrangeHive.com, in this exclusive workshop on decision-making and problem-solving tools.

This is the first in our Level Up workshop series to help you transform your career. With a workshop a month-- over 12 months-- become your best self without having to change your job or go back to school. This is also our prototype of a community tailored to young movers and shakers in the corporate world.

Hour I: Dig into the psychology of decision-making.

How do people-- you or your co-worker, user, and client-- make decisions? What biases are in play, and what makes some choices more attractive? Discuss what we've learned from anecdotes and experiments, and how these surprising results show up in your day-to-day life!

Hour II: Crashcourse user experience (UX) & design thinking.

Want the friendly, pragmatic version of these two big terms? Lets's decouple UX and websites, and design and graphics! User experience is about understanding a person's interaction with anything-- from product to process to person. Where do they hesitate or get confused? When are they happiest? What do they tend do and what do you want them to do? Design thinking, then, is simply a method of creating an experience with that person in mind!

Hour III: Apply the tools you learned.

You'll use your knowledge about how people make decisions, and these tools from UX & DT to visually map out a big decision-making part of your day: collaboration. Angela coaches you to step back, reframe the questions you ask, identify common pain points, ideate new solutions with your team and validate them instantly. Step back to the big picture, and redesign how you work!

You'll walk away with the fundamentals of how people make decisions, a hands-on understanding of user experience and design thinking, plus your very own “collaboration map," and 24 brand new friendships.

About Angela

Angela is excited about T-shaped people -- those who connect across disciplines, dabble with different mindsets, and dive deep in one area. She wants to rework how we work and innovate. By day, she's Chief Happiness Officer of Strikingly.com (YCombinator13), where anyone can make a beautiful mobile-optimized website in 10 minutes. As CHO, she delves broadly into user experience, from when people find and engage with Strikingly, to when they interact with the product and support. By night, she is a co-organizer forTheOrangeHive.com (workshopping friendly/pragmatic design) and the HTML Bootcamp (guiding non-tech folks to develop good habits and build a site from scratch). Outside of work, she tangos and workshops yoga or massage.


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