Basic Photography Workshop


Commencement Date: 28 Oct 2014, Tuesday

Number of Sessions: 8 Sessions

Time: Tuesdays 730pm - 10pm & Saturdays 9am 1130am

Venue: Objectifs 56A Arab Street Singapore 199753

Workshop Fee: S$385/person (Max 10)
Course Schedule
Session 1 Oct 28 730pm - 10pm

Session 2 Nov 1 9am - 11am (with Guided shoot around Arab Street)

Session 3 Nov 4 730pm - 10pm

Session 4 Nov 8 9am - 1130am (with Guided shoot at Little India)

Session 5 Nov11 730pm - 10pm

Session 6 Nov 18 730pm - 10pm (with night guided shoot at Clark Quay)

Session 7 Nov 22 9am - 1130am (with Guided shoot at Chinatown)

Session 8 Nov 25 730pm - 10pm

Course Description

Photography is about making pictures, not just taking them. Learn how to use your camera to take your images beyond the casual snapshot!

Develop a solid grounding in photography - from camera handling, to getting the right exposure, optimising manual functions and composition. Participants will develop their photographic eye through a blend of lectures, practical assignments and critiques, and work on a personal photo project which can be exhibited at the half-yearly student photography group exhibition in the Objectifs Gallery.

There are various guided field shoots during this workshop, providing students practical shooting lessons both during the day and evening. Recommended for those looking to explore photography beyond the point and shoot level.

More information:

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