Elegant Provence Cuisine Cooking with lunch and a glass of sparkling wine


Event Content

Lesson of cooking: 3 course(The Menu will be out Soon!)

Appetizer: Provence Style Marinated Sardines, Ratatouille & Beignets


Main: Fish Dish with Tapenade & provencales Sauce

Dessert: Baked Almond Pastry



3 course menu that you will have made and a glass of sparkling wine or juice & a cup of coffee or tea

The kids can share the lunch with accompanied adult and the restaurant serve soup an bread additionally to the kid.

If any of attendee would like to accompany more than one child, please contact "Team Spoonful" in advance.

Parents can accompany babies, however, if the babies cry, please leave the cooking space until babies become calm.

Estimated Schedule it can be extended 15 min or so.

11:00-12:30 Cooking

12:30-12:30 Break

12:40-14:00 Lunch

Size of the group

Minimum 8 maximum 20.

Please bring your apron and a pen.

Terms & Condition

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Lewin Terrace)

Participant shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any Lewin Terrace arising from the event. The cost of replacement or repair will invoiced to be rendered at the end of the event or at any time thereafter.

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Participant)

Participant shall be responsible for all property (whether belonging to the Participant or any other persons attending the scheduled event) placed, deposited, brought into or left in any part of the Lewin Terrace premises. Neither Lewin Terrace nor Spoonful(Alchemist Pte Ltd) shall be responsible for any safekeeping or custody of any Guests’ property. Under no circumstances will the Lewin Terrace or Spoonful make good or accept responsibility or liability in this respect.


We will not refund any ticket but you can always offer your ticket to someone to come on your behalf.

Event Confirmation

Spoonful inform to all attendees 1 week to confirm the event one week before the event day.

Food Allergy

Please note that we don't take any responsibility to any personal food allergy case.

Lewin Terrace
21 Lewin Terrace Singapore, Singapore 179290




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