2015/04/14(火) 19:30 開催

[TECH TALK] Design and Metal Fabrication using CAD, 3D Printing and Loss Wax Casting


日 時: 2015/04/14(火) 19:30 〜 21:00
会 場: The Prototyping Lab @ NDC
住 所: 111 Middle Road, National Design Centre #01-02, S(188969)
定員数: 22人/定員40人
申込先: Peatix


This talk will show the basics of loss wax casting from the traditional methods to digital CAD/CAM techniques. Discussed will be processes, equipment, materials and their integration to realise intricate solid metal casts in gold, silver, chrome-cobalt and other alloys.

It will highlight the facilities available at the OMG lab and its applications in jewellery, souvenir making, parts duplication, precision engineering plus many other uses, that will enable you to realise and showcase your creativity.

Peter Peng is the founder owner of Prextron Digital Laboratory Technology automation Group (DELTAG) that develops and markets automation equipment, materials and process integration techniques in the dental/medical field. These digital techniques for manufacturing medical prothesis are also similarly used in industrial and jewellery designs. He holds a BSc in physics and an MSc in management of technology from NUS.

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