Technology and Digital Content Transformations in Education


Technology and Digital Content Transformations in Education

Guest Speaker - Associate Professor Matthew Riddle

Associate Professor Matthew Riddle is Director of Educational Development and Design at La Trobe Learning and Teaching (LTLT). Prior to this he was Acting Associate Dean (Academic) at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, where he had been a Senior Lecturer (Academic Development) since March 2009. Previous appointments include Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies, University of Cambridge. He began his career in higher education in 1993 in multimedia development and e-Learning, contributing to a series of award-winning projects over thirteen years at the University of Melbourne. His work has always promoted excellence in learning and teaching, innovations with technology, academic development and curriculum renewal. He has a range of research interests in higher education, including: student engagement and retention; student perspectives; active and collaborative learning; physical and virtual learning space design; and online role-plays.

Matthew has published over twenty-seven peer-reviewed articles since 1996, and co-developed a novel combination of ethnographic techniques to provide a rich description of learning and teaching at Cambridge for the Learning Landscape Project in 2007. In 2008 he won an ASCILITE early career research scholarship to undertake 'ICTs in the Daily Lives of Australian Students', then co-led a collaborative ALTC-funded applied research project known as 'Spaces for Knowledge Generation', and co-edited a resulting book entitled 'Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education' (IGI Global, 2011). He has since applied this research to a series of state of the art building projects. In 2012 he initiated a strategic Faculty project entitled ‘Mobile Learning Devices Pilot Project' and an OER project known as 'OpenTab', and the topic of his PhD project is 'Tablet devices in the daily learning lives of university students'.


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