Code Bali Conference 2015 (Early Ticket)


CODE BALI is an international Cyber Security Conference and Exhibitions that brings security experts for an invaluable opportunity to share their thought, research and information; to showcase products and services; and to create and strengthen cooperation and partnerships.

The theme of this conference is next generation digital connectivity and security.

As we are all know, everything is soon being connected now, from wearable technology to homes and vehicles. This is what we call Internet of things (IoT). Gartner predict that this IoT market will grow from 0.9 billion units today to 26 billion units by 2020. Intel predict that number of networked devices will two times number of population in the planet. We are surrounded by things that are connected each others. It is just a matter of time that this IoT dramatically change our lives. However, things made by human is vulnerable, and so security threat to human surrounded by all things that potentially vulnerable will increasingly amazing. Future development of internet connection types and applications will require the intelligent integration of security technology, coupled with changing behavior in how we use this technology, to make our connections and environment safer and more secure.

Speakers and attendees in telecommunication and security disciplines ranging from science and technology to planning and economical impact view will present cutting edge technologies and strategies to strengthen security, and assess broader commitments to sustainability.

The Location will take a place in Padma Hotel, Denpasar, Bali where so many “natural code” are amazingly lie on. PadmaHotel offers fantastic conference facilities on Legianbeach and also close to Kuta beach and Seminyak square.

The Date for conference will be from 21 to 24 September 2015.

This conference is also held in conjunction with Kyoto University Symposium on 5G and connectivity , ID-SIRTII research seminar and 6th International Symposium on Chaos Revolution (ICR)

Ticket price :

1人 /定員600人
Padma Resort Legian Denpasar Bali
Padma Resort Legian Denpasar Bali




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