Big Data Week: Analysis at the Speed of Thought


The holy-grail for analysts is to maximise the amount of time spent doing analysis; the activities that directly yield insight as distinct from time-consuming data preparation or waiting for data to be processed by ETL (Extract Transform Load). Data preparation involves secondary supporting activities that are necessary but can delay time to insight i.e. cleaning, appending, transforming or any other form of pre-processing to get data ready for analysis.

In this session we survey the available options for analysts working with big data sets and the technologies that support direct analysis with minimal processing time or manual data preparation. This includes automation of data preparation, minimization or elimination of ETL and anything else which can streamline the activities of an analyst.

Time / Activity
6:00 pm Networking
7:30pm Welcome and Introduction - Daniel Walters (Big Data Malaysia)
7:40 pm Special Guest: Akmal Chaudri (Independent Big Data Consultant, UK) - VoltDB
8:20 pm Fartash Haghani (PyCademy, Mindvalley) - ElasticSearch
9:00 pm Cheemun Foong (MoneyLion) - ElasticSearch @ MoneyLion
9:40 pm Networking

Special Guest: Akmal Chaudri (UK) Independent Consultant specializing in Big Data

In this session, Akmal Chaudhri will demonstrate a high-speed real-time analytics platform capable of per-event analytics and decisions against high velocity data sources, such as log, IoT, and M2M data feeds.

Akmal B. Chaudhri is an Independent Consultant, specializing in Big Data, NoSQL and NewSQL database technologies. He has over 25 years experience in IT and has previously held roles as a developer, consultant, product strategist and technical trainer. He has worked for several blue-chip companies, such as Reuters and IBM and also the Big Data startups Hortonworks (Hadoop) and DataStax (Cassandra NoSQL Database). He has worked extensively on worldwide developer relations programs at IBM and worldwide university relations and academic initiative programs at Informix and IBM. He has regularly presented at many international conferences and served on the program committees for a number of major conferences and workshops. He has published and presented widely on Java, XML and Database systems and edited or co-edited 10 books. He holds a BSc (1st Class Hons.) in Computing and Information Systems, MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design and a PhD in Computer Science. He is a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and a Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Fartash Haghani, Co-Founder of PyCademy and Senior Developer at Mindvalley

Fartash will provide a technical run through of Elasticsearch from how to setup, get data in and to query directly and also using the Kibana user interface.

A senior full stack developer with strong experience in software development, web technologies, and data analysis. Graduated with master degree in Computer science concentrated in data mining and NLP.

Fartash is co-founder and team lead at PyCademy, and recently joined Mindvalley as Senior Developer.

Cheemun Foong, Co-Founder and CTO of Moneylion

Cheemun will give a presentation on how Moneylion decided to use Elasticsearch. He will share some of the challenges Moneylion has overcome to make Elasticsearch and Kibana useful across their organisation.

Cheemun is currently the Co-founder and CTO of Moneylion, a company that develops fore-front predictive technology for the financial world. Prior to this role, Cheemun worked for research boutique firm, Simulex, specialising in developing human behavior modeling and prediction for the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies. His work at Simulex is a result of a collaboration with his supervising professors at Purdue University.


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