1000 Speakers Conference in English 17 #1000eng

2015/05/08(金)19:30 〜 22:00 開催


1000 Speakers Conference in English provides an opportunity to make a short presentation in English.


We will run 1000 Speakers Conference in English until unique participants reaches over 1000.

Program 本編

You will have 5 minutes presentation in English. The topics is anything which you would like to talk.

In this time, we do not distinguish between speakers' tickets and non-speakers' tickets. Please prepare your talk.

19:00 Door Open
19:30 Opening Remarks
19:35 Self Introduction, why you are here.
19:55 LT (Lightning Talks)


  • Native English speakers would be welcome.


Presenters 発表者の方へ

Please prepare short presentation in English. We will provide a projector.


Notice ご注意

We will not provide any snack nor drinks. So please bring your own snack and drinks. Bring your own bottles.

Hosts 主催

1000 Speakers Conference in English実行委員会(よしおかひろたか @hyoshiok 他),産業技術大学院大学有志一同(上田隆一 @ryuichiueda他)

Venue 会場提供


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