Kichijoji.rb #3

2015/05/13(水)19:00 〜 21:00 開催


Third installment of the regular Ruby meetup in Kichijoji, don't miss it!

Coffee and soft drinks available (500 yen).

To propose a talk for this month's meetup, go to the Kichijoji.rb gitter page.


(Nearly) Bugless Programming (@matadon) (English)

Computers and programmers often have heated disagreements about what each of them is supposed to be doing. We call these disagreements 'bugs', and they are a constant source of ruined vacations and endless stress. Rather than spend massive amounts of time removing bugs from code, what we really want is some way to avoid writing bugs to begin with. In this talk, we will combine the art of programming with the science of cognitive psychology, and emerge with a set of simple, proven techniques that we can use to craft nearly bug-free software from the get-go.

Transducers for Rubyists (@k2nr) (Japanese)

Fantasy Consoles: Programming Fictional Machines (@zep) (English)

(Seeking more presentations, contact us if you would like to present something)

Photo by yukio terasawa, cropped to fit.


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