Tour to Prefabricated Software-Defined Data Center


  • We will visit a unique & futuristic data center ever built in Singapore and totally different from any traditional data center. We will tour inside its data center and see ourselves how software-defined data center works in real time. You will learn unique technical aspects of power, cooling, cabling, security, fire system in this data center. There will be more data centers to be built with this kind of technological concept. If you want to be in the data center industry for many years to come, you absolutely should not miss this tour.

  • You are required to provide your name, NRIC, car plate (if park inside the facility) together with this registration. Without this info the security guard will not allow you to enter the facility.

  • The tour is free.

  • Disclaimer: This tour is not intended for sales pitch, although it is sponsored by companies. The sponsor may collect your information for their future communication. You can always opt out.

  • Please come on time. We may not have a presentation so whoever comes first can start asking questions to the executives. We will keep interactive session until around 3:30pm, then we will tour inside the facility for about 45 minutes. Then we'll stay back for networking until 5pm. If you come later than 3:30pm, you should wait at the security guard until we finish the tour and there will be no repeat tour. As this facility is highly secured, we are always escorted at all time.

  • Please bring enough namecards for networking. This meetup is your opportunity to build your networks.

5人 /定員50人
IO, 7000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 (ex-Seagate factory)
IO, 7000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 (ex-Seagate factory)



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