Chrome Tech Talk Night #8


2015 年 7 月 16 日(木)、 Chrome Tech Talk Night #8 を開催します。今回は Google の Developer Relations チームのメンバーが Google I/O の再演を中心に、Polymer や Service Worker、Material Design Lite などのホットな話題についてお話します。




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Main Sessions

Future of Web Apps

Matt Gaunt

Building Apps with Polymer

Eric Bidelman
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Material Design for the Web

Addy Osmani

Offline apps with Polymer and Service Worker

Jeffrey Posnick & Mat Scales

Lightning Talks

Unfinished Business - The Background Sync API (Mat Scales)

Now that we can create web sites and apps that work offline we discover new challenges with keeping our local and remote data synchronized. The Background Sync API let's us tell the browser that we have unfinished network-dependant tasks, and gives us an opportunity to finish them when we next have a network connection - even if the app has been closed.

WebComponents for WebGL (Yasushi Ando)
I made web components with polymer to use three.js easily. In this LT, I'd like to talk about what I learned from this development and what is the advantages of making a complex library into web components.

Beating Canvas 2D in Its Own Territory: WebGL+Tesspathy (Guangyao Liu)

"As developers of an HTML5 rendering engine, we have been fighting with the rendering performance limit of Canvas 2D for a long time, especially in mobile browsers. And nowadays with wider support of WebGL on various platforms, we decided to render high performance 2D vector graphics using WebGL and for that purpose we developed a Javascript library named Tesspathy to convert our vector contents on the fly into some form suitable of being rendered by WebGL.
In this talk I will give a brief introduction of what Tesspathy do and how we make use of WebGL with it to render 2D vector graphics.
(FYI, Tesspathy is open source.)"

Using Chrome DevTools with STF (Gunther Brunner)

Debugging remote Androids in real time with the just released open source STF

Update on the Web standards (Yosuke Funahashi)

"Providing an update on the Web standards after HTML5: Extensible Web, Houdini, Web Incubator, Web of Things, Web Payments, Application Foundation, GGIE, W3Cx, TPAC in Japan, etc.
I'm a part of the W3C team, chairing the Web and TV Interest Group."

Voxels in V8 (Andy Hall)

A short look at the challenges and rewards of building a 3D voxel game in JS+WebGL on Chrome/V8


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