Finding the right stuff, an intro to Elasticsearch with Ruby/Rails



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19:45 〜 20:15 Finding the right stuff, an intro to Elasticsearch with Ruby/Rails Michael Reinsch

Searching in data sets with natural language elements and finding the relevant entries is a difficult problem and usually not very well done by databases. Elasticsearch provides powerful ways for searching in unstructured natural language texts, within structured data as well as both combined. Or as they put it: “Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable, real-time search and analytics engine. It enables you to search, analyze, and explore your data, often in ways that you did not anticipate at the start of a project.” With this talk I’ll give a short intro into the world of Elasticsearch, show you how you can use it from within Ruby/Rails and how to build up search queries.


Michael is a software developer turned tech entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Doorkeeper, and is also doing tech consulting on the side.

His first encounter with Ruby was 8 years ago in form of a CGI based web/mobile app. These days he's mainly developing in Ruby for Rails. He loves working in small teams, handling everything from development to operations, from Ruby to JavaScript, from hypothesis to learning.

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