UI/UX for Growth


Design is not only about shape, colour and balance, going much deeper than simple appearance. Good designs increase the amount of trust visitors have in your website/product and ultimately your business. On the other hand, bad designs send users away to alternatives.

UI/UX MATTERS It matters for conversion rates, sales increase, and therefore impacts your business directly.
The Justa × Samurai Incubator collaboration event is here to help you to improve your UI/UX concepts. Join us and learn from the best! See the best methodologies and learn from real test cases.

Our honoured guests are the global strategic design from Designit, Reaktor creative technology company, and the local design gurus of UI/UX Tokyo Market Event!

Foods and drinks will be provided!!

※Whole event will be held in English.

【18:30~19:00】 Registration
【19:00~19:10】 Opening
【19:10~19:25】 1st Speaker: Brief Introduction
・What is UI/UX?
・What is the importance of UI/UX?

【19:25~19:40】 2nd Speaker: Contemporary Methodologies
【19:40~19:55】 3rd Speaker: Applying practical affairs
・Applying test-cases and real life examples
・How UI/UX have affected the growth of their startup?

【19:55~20:00】 Break
【20:00~20:30】 Activity Time
・Break attendees into groups
・Each group is to come up with a design for simple prototype (prototype idea is to be decided on the day by drawing from a hat)

【20:30~20:40】 Q&A
【20:40~21:00】 Networking

1st Speaker: Masakazu Iwabu

Masakazu Iwabu is the senior designer at Designit, a global strategic design firm.

He works for global design projects in Tokyo office and chiefly manages the implementation phase in the process.

He studied visual and media arts in Emerson college, located in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating, he worked for Colony+Interactive, a digital creative company in Tokyo. As a project director, he managed various digital projects from concept making through implementation.

Masakazu has a highlighted experience in digital solutions, UI design, visual design, and technology.

2nd Speaker: Ryan Barkataki

Ryan is the UX Director and a Senior Industrial Designer at Up Arrows Inc, a boutique Japanese design agency based in Shibakoen, Tokyo.
He also co-runs the event UX Talk Tokyo (UXTalkTokyo.com) a monthly event promoting UX methodologies.
He has a MSc in HCI from University College London, and a MA in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins.
Prior to joining the Up Arrows team, he worked with various companies, such as PlayStation, Sony Music UK, eBay, Nokia, Vodafone and even did UX and Design work for One Direction, for real.

3rd Speaker: Aki Saarinen
- CEO, Reaktor Japan
- Partner, Reaktor Ventures
Aki was first introduced to programming at age of 8 and sold his first software products at age 15. Aki has spent most of his life building software and companies, working in the intersection of tech, business and design.

In 2013, Aki moved to Tokyo and setup the first international branch office for Reaktor, a leading Finnish creative technology company. He’s also a partner in Reaktor Ventures, an early stage startup investor. Aki’s passion is creating beautiful products that solve real problems, while staying curious and learning something new every day.


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