JavaScript Arrays Workshop



配列がどうのように動作し、利用するかをより詳しく学びます。 軽食とドリンクをご用意しています。



  • 基本配列
  • 配列メソッド
  • 配列を用いたループ処理
  • 基本的なデータ構造


  • 基本関数
  • ループ処理(for, while)
  • プリミティブ型(strings, numbers, booleans)
  • 基本的な四則演算処理



  • ラップトップ(ラップトップは貸出しておりませんので参加者は必ずお持ちください)
  • あなた自身
  • スマイル!


東京を拠点にした12週間の短期集中型ソフトウェアエンジニア養成学校です。今年の7月に第一期開講します。 また、定期的に無料のイベントを主催しています。

About this Workshop:

This will be a nice deep dive into JavaScript arrays where we will take a closer look on how arrays work and how to use them.

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Our workshops are conducted in English, though there will be Japanese-speaking technical oyabun happy to assist and translate.

Topics Covered:

  • basic arrays
  • array methods
  • using loops with arrays
  • basic data structures

We are welcome to all levels, but this workshop would be best and most useful for those who have the below pre-requisite knowledge:

  • basic functions
  • loops (for, while)
  • primitive JavaScript types (strings, numbers, booleans)
  • basic math operators

Our workshops focus on hands-on practice, with minimal lecturing. We have a no assholes policy---if you are an asshole, please stay home. We strive to create an inviting, comfortable environment where everyone is encouraged to do their best.


  • a laptop (you must bring your own laptop; we do not have laptops you can use and it is not possible to do this without a laptop)
  • yourself
  • a smile!

About Code Chrysalis:

We are a 12-week advanced software engineering immersive in Tokyo, with our first class starting July. We also host regular, free events open to anyone!


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