Android Talks @ Cookpad #2 (English only)


About "Android Meetup"

This meetup is all about Android development and we would love to meet Android developers to share the latest languages, experiences and anything related to Android dev.

Requirements for Attendees

  • Business Card (This is only to show us who you are, we do not send spam email to your inbox)
  • Mobile Developer related position (We want to reserve a place for those who are relevant)

Date and Place

2017 June, 21st

Cookpad Inc. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 12th Floor
4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6012 Japan (map)


19:00 - onCreate(): Door opens - Food/Beverages is served

19:30 - onStart(): #1 - Kotlin compiler plugin by Shintaro Katafuchi (hotchemi) @ Quipper

20:15 - onPause(): Coffee break

20:20 - onStart(): #2 - Writing Gradle Plugin in Kotlin by Kentaro Takiguchi (rejasupotaro) @ Cookpad

21:05 - onPause(): Beer break

21:10 - onDestroy() - APIClient.fetchFoo(): Networking

22:00 - onBackPress(): Get back home


Shintaro Katafuchi

iOS/Android dev at Quipper. Creator of PermissionsDispatcher and co-host of podcast.

Twitter - @hotchemi

Github -

Kentaro Takiguchi

Android Team Leader at Cookpad. Kentaro has more than 6 years Android development experiences under his belt. Also, he is a creator of amazing 'kvs-schema' library that has been used worldwide. He will be e-speaking from UK in this event.

Twitter- @rejasupotaro

Github -

Next speakers

Please let us know, if you want to speak/talk/rant or even do standup comedy at our meetup. We do need new faces to be our speaker and also community needs you. Also, we also have some swags for guest speakers talking in our event.


  • This event is mainly in English. Sorry for your inconveniences.
  • We are also hiring great engineers @ Cookpad. If you happen to like us, please go visit our website and apply there, or come talk to us directly in the event. If you happen to not like us, don't tell us, we don't want to know that :P


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