Tokyo .NET Developers Special Seminar: NuGet


(English follows, this seminar will be held in English)

現在、15名の方がMeetup上で参加を表明していらっしゃいます。 まだ若干の余裕がございますので、参加をご希望の方はこちらのページかMeetupページ上で参加をお知らせ下さい。 セミナーは特別講師のジム・ボーデン氏によって英語にておこなわれます。

Inedo Japan主催のセミナーのお知らせです。

日本マイクロソフト品川本社にて定期開催されているTokyo .NET Developers Meetupの特別セミナーを、2/12(月・祝)10-14時に開催致します。


参加枠はまだ若干ございますので、お気軽にご参加下さい。 会場は日本マイクロソフト品川本社内の会議室、参加費は無料となっております。

15 people have already registered on the Meetup page, and we have a few seats remaining. Please join us using this page or the Meetup page.


This seminar will be divided into two sessions, with a lunch break in between.

The first will provide a fundamental understanding of NuGet, the open-source package manager for .NET libraries, and will provide a history of why and how package usage has developed and expanded.

In the second session, attendees will be guided through hands-on labs, will discuss industry best practices, and leverage this knowledge in a real-word example to increase confidence and proficiency in day-to-day development.

☆☆ Audience ☆☆

Designed for Software Development personnel who are responsible for creating, maintaining, or managing .NET libraries, or those who are exploring NuGet as a packaging solution. The seminar is designed to provide insight for persons of varying skill levels; whether already familiar, or completely new to NuGet.

☆☆ Prerequisites ☆☆

You should be familiar with the software development life cycle and have a basic understanding of packages and libraries.

☆☆ Agenda ☆☆

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the NuGet Seminar.

☆ Session 1: NuGet Fundamentals ☆

Introduction to NuGet

  • Why you should use packages

  • Before NuGet

  • With NuGet, Packages as a Best Practice

NuGet Best Practices

  • Package Quality

  • Vulnerability Management

  • License Management

☆ Lunch Break ☆

Inedo will be providing Bentobox Lunches!

☆ Session 2: Guided Labs ☆

Getting Started

  • Creating Packages

  • Consuming Integrating with Build Systems

Enterprise Package Management

  • ProGet, Artifactory, Sonatype

  • Universal Package Management

☆☆ What to bring ☆☆

In order to participate in the labs, you will need to bring a laptop with Visual Studio (2017 preferred, 2015 acceptable) installed. The free (community editions) of Visual Studio are fine, as is Visual Studio 7 on Mac.


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