try! macOS meet-up

2018/02/28(水)19:00 〜 22:00 開催


try! macOS meet-up is an unofficial spin-off event of try! Swift Tokyo 2018.

The aim of the event is to come to know macOS developers who are hard to meet in the real world (comparing with the iOS developers ;P) and to exchange ideas about macOS dev. This meet-up is just a gathering to chat about macOS dev and drink/eat good food together in a restaurant. There is no presentation or workshop.

Who are welcome

  • Everyone who develops (or is interested in developing) applications for macOS.

Although this event is a spin-off of try! Swift, attending try! Swift itself is not required for this meet-up. Likewise, developers who still use Objective-C or UI designers who don't write code are also welcome.

The most important thing is the passion for the macOS application development.


English / Japanese

The organizer is a Japanese but also speaks (non-fluent) English.


5,000 yen (for drink and foods for 3 hours).

Where and when?

The meet-up will be held on 28th February, the day before try! Swift Tokyo 2018, at a cafe restaurant and people udagawa which located near from Shibuya station. The meet-up will start at just seven o'clock pm; so I recommend you to come about 15 minutes earlier. The room is reserved under the name "try! macOS".

Who is the organizer

The organizer, 1024jp, is a person who loves native macOS apps, and develops macOS apps, such as CotEditor and Gapplin, in private time. Fluent in Swift, Objective-C, AppleScript, and Python, but also draws graphic parts for the user interface. CotEditor is the most known work of this person in last years. It is one of the most popular plain-text editors in Japan, written in 100% Swift, and open-sourced at GitHub.

try! macOS meet-up は、try! Swift Tokyo 2018 の非公式スピンオフ企画です.



  • macOSアプリケーションを開発している(もしくは開発に興味がある)人誰でも

try! Swiftのスピンオフ企画ではありますが、このmeet-up自体はtry! Swiftへの参加は条件ではありません。同様に、macOS開発に関わっていれば、Objective-Cで開発をしている人やコードを書かないUIデザイナーも歓迎します。



英語 / 日本語



5,000円 (3時間の飲み放題+食事)


try! Swift Tokyo 2018前日の2月28日(水)に、渋谷のカフェレストランand people udagawaで行います。会は19時丁度に始まるので、15分くらい早く来ると良いかと思います。"try! macOS"で予約が入っています。


このmeet-upの企画立案者である1024jpはmacOSをこよなく愛し、CotEditorGapplinなどのmacOSのアプリケーションを趣味で開発してる人間です。SwiftのほかObjective-C, AppleScript, Pythonなどを書きますが、同様にUI画像も描いたりしてます。CotEditorが最近のいちばん知られた成果物でしょう。CotEditorは日本で最も人気のあるプレーンテキストエディタの一つで、100% Swiftで書かれており、OSSとしてGitHubですべてが公開されています。Twitterによくいます。


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