PASTE: Co-designing Network and Storage Stack

2018/05/02(水)18:30 〜 19:30 開催


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This seminar will be held in English only. / 今回のセミナーは英語での進行となります。


Michio Honda (NEC Europe)

Seminar Contents

  • vagrant setup is available: if you did vagrant up with the repository below, you will be happy. / 講演時に役立つ VM イメージを用意してもらいまいた。vagrant up をしてから講演に来ていただけると、より楽しめるかと思います。


Costs of persisting data over networks have been dominated by slow access latency to disks or SSDs, and access methods to them, causing end-to-end latency on the order of hundreds or thousands of microseconds. As a result, networking whose RTTs over TCP and HTTP take tens of microseconds, was a relatively lightweight component of the end-to-end system. However, emerging non-volatile main memory (NVMM) will change this phenomenon, because durably writing data become two-three orders of magnitude faster because of physical speed and new access methods. This bottlenecks the network stack, necessitating re-designing it.

We propose PASTE, a new networking API to build networked storage systems on top of it. It achieves high performance by run-to-completion and DMA performed to named packet buffers on NVMM, while preserving protection, efficiency and ability to leverage a rich set of network protocols provided by the socket API today. We benchmark PASTE using Write-Ahead Logging and B+tree, as well as porting it to key value stores and software switch, and show PASTE significantly outperforms well-tuned Linux and the state-of-the art network stack. The work is to appear in NSDI'18 (

Date and Time

  • 2018-5-2 (Wed) 18:30 (The registration desk opens at 18:15)


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